Shane Coombs

Shane is the Wine, Mead, and Cider production Manager as well as Sales Manager

After making his first batch of beer in 1975 Shane followed in his mothers footsteps and began making wine.

During his homemade wine beer and mead stint Shane has won several hundred awards including multiple national awards.

Laurel Coombs

Laurel is the Tasting Room Manager and Accounting Manager

Laurel has been evaluating wine mead cider and beer most of her life and is a National Beer Judge. She is Shane’s best (worst) critic as nothing gets by her on how to improve our products.


German Short Hair Pointer

Tannin is our Branch Manager, he can be found roaming the grounds keeping critters at bay and bringing back fire fodder.



Pearl is the scout, always on the lookout for visitors, she’s happy to see new people stop by.